Your story has infinite power. 

Share it with a community who's listening. 

Photo by #createlounge photographer, Claire Dobson

Photo by #createlounge photographer, Claire Dobson


We want to see our community members pursue their larger-than-life callings while gaining encouragement and real support from a community who deeply cares about who they are and what they’re creating. 


Who We Are

We are a fierce collective of purpose-driven, soul-centered, faith-filled, deeply passionate creatives who value authentic encouragement, true connection, and powerful collaboration. 

At #createlounge, we believe in supporting and educating the next-generation of creative professionals and business owners on the importance of building communities and satisfying their need for belonging. 

We encourage our community to tap into their creativity, tell their story, and find their tribe through our Twitter chats, contributor-based blog, Instagram feed, and weekly love letters.  

We believe everyone has a seat at the table so grab a chair and let’s connect. 

meet the founder of #createlounge, kayla hollatz

Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Kayla Hollatz, a spunky, high-energy twenty-something girl from Minneapolis with a big heart for storytelling,  Jesus, and loving on people. 

God first illuminated my calling of building strong communities through #createlounge, which started as a weekly Twitter chat for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs. What was once a small gathering has now grown into a large movement of creatives from all corners of the globe. But my passion for community came long before #createlounge was born.

As a child, I experienced things no one should endure, things like abuse, assault, and intense bullying and cyberbullying. Throughout the healing process, I never had a stable community of peers, something I deeply longed for. 

Now I’ve devoted my life to building the accepting, welcoming, come-as-you-are community that I needed when I was younger and that I quite frankly need today too. We are here to help you conquer your fears, get back into the creative arena, and celebrate your victories. Together. 

meet our team of contributors

Kara Benz - #createlounge contributor

Writer, Kara Benz

Catherine Beard - #createlounge contributor
Kayla Dean for #createlounge

Writer, Kayla Dean


Writer, Emily Scott


Writer, Amber Burns


Writer, Amanda Folk

Lisa Crocco - #createlounge contributor

Writer, Lisa Crocco

Alexis Adu-Bobi - #createlounge contributor
Jen Fair with #createlounge

Writer, Jen Fair