Creating an Inspiration Board for Your Next Passion Project: Part 2

Written By Regular Contributor, Paige Boersma

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of   Studio Bicyclette

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of Studio Bicyclette

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Step 3: Narrow Down Your Board and Make Notes on Each Photo

We’re going to start going back through your Pinterest board and reevaluating all of your pins. Ask yourself why you chose each specific image and what it represents about your brand or how it’s related to your project.

At this stage, we’re trying to eliminate any images that don’t feel 100% right, so delete any that don’t make the cut. You can either do this by deleting them from your board, or — and especially if you have a lot of images  — you may want to just start a brand new board for your next round.

Once you’re happy with where this board is, it’s time to move on.

For the remaining images, start noting why you chose each one and what it represents in the caption of the image. It might be tempting to skip over this note-taking stage, since the tendency is to think that since you know why you chose it, you don’t need to actually write it down. Do it anyways, as it will help you articulate the intention behind it and start to define a language around your brand that you can refer back to. 

Pay attention to certain words that pop up repeatedly and also to those that come easily and have energy behind them — those are likely going to be core elements of your brand style and will help you to define the details of your of your creative project down the road. 

After we’ve narrowed down the images, chances are there are going to be some gaps in content, or some new ideas that have been generated, so take some time to do one more pass at finding images that will fill out your board until you feel like it’s at a good place and a well-rounded visual representation of your project.

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of   Studio Bicyclette

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of Studio Bicyclette

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of   Studio Bicyclette

Photo by #createlounge contributor, Paige Boersma of Studio Bicyclette

Step 4: Finalize Your Inspiration Board 

Now that you’ve narrowed down your original board and ensured that each image on there is a clear representation of the direction you want for your project, it’s time to build your final board.

You have a few options for this, as you can either leave it as a Pinterest board, save each image and build a digital inspiration board with a graphics program of your choice, or print off the images and build a physical inspiration board. 

However you choose to build this final collection of images, remember that the idea is that this will serve as a visual reference as you move forward with your project, so make sure it’s kept in a spot where you can easily go back to it in order to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. 

Good luck with your passion project!

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