Meet Our CL Writer Team!

Meet our #createlounge writers!

we could not be more excited today to introduce you to our regular writer team for this new chapter of #createlounge!

Feel free to click on each regular contributor's name to learn more about their own websites and passion projects. Each writer on the #createlounge team is very active in the community and shares the same heart we do about supporting and encouraging creatives to bring their dreams to life so don't hesitate to reach to any of them!


Let's start with the intros:

Catherine Beard for #createlounge

Catherine Beard

Favorite childhood memory? Visiting Disney World for the first time with my dad and sister. I think that sparked my love for theme parks!
Favorite word(s)? Nourish, glow, and balance are three of my faves right now.
Guilty pleasure? Reading astrology blogs on Tumblr. My friends think I'm nuts, but I think it's so interesting.
Favorite creative outlet? Writing!
One skill you want to learn? I'd love to learn how to speak French.

Douglas Humphries for #createlounge

Douglas Humphries

Favorite childhood memory: Bonfires at my grandfather’s farm to celebrate the end of summer.
Favorite word(s)? “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis
Guilty pleasure? Kung Fu films
Favorite creative outlet? Stories. Creating, crafting, reading, devouring. Give me all the fiction.
One skill you want to learn? I’d love to learn stage acting. Shakespearean, especially.

Kara Benz for #createlounge

Kara Benz

Favorite childhood memory? Cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother.
Favorite word(s)? Serendipity - I love the meaning and it’s fun to say!
Guilty pleasure?  Netflix binges for sure - I may or may not have watched all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls recently!
Favorite creative outlet? Anything crafty/artistic… I love to draw Mandalas!
One skill you want to learn? DSLR Photography… I’ve got the camera, now I just need the time.

Amber Burns for #createlounge

Amber Burns

Favorite childhood memory? When my younger sister was born. It was the first time I felt really responsible for something/someone. And when I discovered how much I love being in charge.
Favorite word(s)? "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - The Alchemist
Guilty pleasure? Harry Potter movie marathons and Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream. Perfect cozy night in combo.
Favorite creative outlet? Definitely reading. Escaping to another world and seeing life through someone else's eyes always helps bring a fresh creative scope to what I'm working on.
One skill you want to learn? Knitting or crocheting! Something I started to learn as a teenager but never really committed to. I'd love to be able to make my own cozy winter wear.

Hannah Lewis for #createlounge

Hannah Lewis

Favorite childhood memory? One of my best memories is traveling through Australia by train when I was about 10. The sun was going down, I was looking out of the window and troop of kangaroos were running alongside.
Favorite word(s)? Zeitgeist, eloquence and Serendipity. 
Favorite creative outlet? I like to draw things with pencil and paper the most. 
One skill you want to learn? Magic tricks. 

Paige Boersma for #createlounge

Paige Boersma

Favorite childhood memory? I grew up in northern Ontario and was homeschooled for my early years. I believed I was a lost princess that my so-called parents found in the woods and had a very active imagination that I spent most of my time happily following. Though I went through phases of rebelling against my somewhat weird childhood, I now look back and know that it was totally wonderful and shaped who I am and what I do today. 
Favorite word(s)? Whimsical, evanescent, and quintessential. 
Guilty pleasure? I love books that are simultaneously glamourous, heartbreaking, and addictive — and Valley of the Dolls is my ultimate guilty pleasure read. Set against the backdrop of New York City in the 60s (one of my favourite style eras!), the trash classic is one of my favourite to curl up with, glass of wine in hand. 
Favorite creative outlet? Though it’s so intertwined with what I do for work, gathering inspiration is one of my favourite creative outlets when I have the time to get lost in it and really explore creative themes and let my imagination run wild. 
One skill you want to learn? I’m letting my inner nerd show through here, but one thing that I’ve been thinking of brushing up on are my web development skills. Though I have a beginner’s knowledge of HTML and CSS and I’m usually involved more in the brand styling and strategy side of things, I think it’s an important skill to know and would help me further enhance my own and my client’s brands even more through a little behind the scenes coding magic. 

Rachel Dawson for #createlounge

Rachel Dawson

Favorite childhood memory? My family took a 6-week road trip all up and down the West Coast when I was in junior high and it was the BEST, most unforgettable childhood memory!
Favorite word(s)? My current favorite word is "rhythm" -- it was my 2016 word of the year and I've loved exploring what it means and looks like in my daily life.
Guilty pleasure? Malbec wine + popcorn for dinner. Always served best with a dramatic TV show, too!
Favorite creative outlet? Journaling and doodling. It's always a surprise what comes out of my pen onto the paper!
One skill you want to learn? I would love to learn to play guitar -- I have 3 chords down so far! I can't wait to learn real songs soon.

Callie Gisler for #createlounge

Callie Gisler

Favorite word(s)? Empowered.
Guilty pleasure? Too much Netflix and a glazed doughnut with my morning coffee.
Favorite creative outlet? Being behind a camera. I've been a photographer for nearly as long as I've been writing. 
One skill you want to learn? I'd love to learn calligraphy. Taking a hand lettering class is actually on my list of goals for 2017. 

Michelle Anthony for #createlounge

Michelle Anthony

Favorite childhood memory? Annual ski trips up to Mammoth, CA with my family as a kid – everything from the car ride up listening to Harry Potter books on tape together and stopping in little mountain towns for lunch, to learning how to snowboard with my dad, to building fires and making hot chocolate after long days out on the slopes.
Guilty pleasure? Keeping a thousand tabs open in Chrome at a time.
Favorite creative outlet? These days, web design! I’m designing a couple of Squarespace sites for family/friends right now since that’s (sort of) my professional background, and those projects always make me feel creative and energized. 
One skill you want to learn? I’m feeling super drawn to abstract painting these days.

Natalie Jean for #createlounge

Natalie Jean

Favorite childhood memory? I loved building forts with my little brother growing up. We'd make them as big as we could and fill it with pillows and blankets and then watch movies all afternoon.
Favorite word(s)? In this order: It's Friday!
Guilty pleasure? Binge watching Netflix while knitting.
Favorite creative outlet? Painting and listening to music.
One skill you want to learn? I really want to learn how to crochet.

Lisa Crocco for #createlounge

Lisa Crocco

Favorite word(s)? Feminist. Wanderlust. Boss lady. 
Guilty pleasure? Drinking wine and watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Favorite creative outlet? Writing. Especially when I'm sad or angry I write poetry. 
One skill you want to learn? I want to learn how to code. I think it would be a useful skill to learn especially down the road. 

Amanda Folk on #createlounge

Amanda Folk

Favorite childhood memory? Riding my bike around the neighborhood, especially when they were creating a new development. I treated my bike like a mountain bike and rode every inch of that undeveloped land with my friends!
Favorite words? Explore, prestidigitation (now THAT'S a GRE word), and inimitable (shout out to you Hamilton nuts out there)
Guilty pleasure? Take out for dinner. It's most likely falafel or Drunken Noodles from the Thai place near my house.
Favorite creative outlet? Dance! I don't do it nearly enough these days.
One skill to learn? I would love to be able to sketch, at least a little well. I think it'd be such a great way to document experiences.

Jenifer Fair for #createlounge

Jenifer Fair

Favorite childhood memory? When I was a little girl, my grandpa was my favorite person to spend time with. He showed me that a man can keep his promise and never break it. My favorite childhood memory was playing hide and seek with him. He was a family doctor and owned his practice. My grandpa hid behind one of the doors that I was told to never go into that room. Sneaky, right? Well, I looked in every room but I knew in my heart that he was hiding in that room. I tried to open the door but clearly, he was holding the door knob so I couldn’t get in. When I finally realized that it was him the whole time… I yelled, “Papa! Open the door!” He opened the door with his arms wide open and hugged me. I can remember his laugh like it was yesterday. This was one of my last memories before he passed away. And definitely a memory that I will hold onto forever.
Favorite word(s)? Passion, Revival, Love, Grace, Radiant.
Guilty pleasure? Triple chocolate cake, coffee, and binging Gilmore Girls.
Favorite creative outlet? Dancing, reading a good book, shopping for candles (judge me harder), listening to music, and photography.
One skill you want to learn? I would love to learn graphic design and calligraphy but if I could also pick an outdoor skill… I’d say skiing. 

Alexis Adu-Bobi for #createlounge

Alexis Adu-Bobi

Favorite childhood memory? Learning how to double dutch on the sidewalk in New York where I grew up. 
Favorite word(s)? Authentic and genuine.
Guilty pleasure? Enjoying Haagan Daz vanilla ice cream
One skill you want to learn? Refine my writing skills.

Kayla Dean for #createlounge

Kayla Dean

Favorite childhood memory? Roller blading at a rink near the ocean in Maui, Hawaii
Favorite word(s)? Incalescent and Petrichor
Guilty pleasures? Sour Patch Watermelons + Pink Wine
Favorite creative outlet? Since I'm a writer, the answer to this will always be writing.
One skill you want to learn? When I started blogging three years ago, I didn't know anything about web design. Now that I've launched and re-launched my site, this is a skill that I really want to keep working on. Admittedly, it's addicting to put together an aesthetically beautiful website.

Emily Scott for #createlounge

Emily Scott

Favorite childhood memory? Driving to Denver to be with my grandparents. I loved looking at my grandpa's rock collection and always had my pockets weighed down with rocks I'd collect from his backyard.
Favorite word(s)? Juxtaposition and paradox. 
Guilty pleasure? Binge watching Netflix and rootbeer freezes.
Favorite creative outlet? Writing or painting. I love doing both and wouldn't want to give up either one.
One skill you want to learn? I'd like to learn to play the organ. I've been practicing piano more recently so I can be good enough to tackle the organ.

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