Image credit: Death to Stock

Image credit: Death to Stock

And last but certainly not least.

As much value there is in pursuing our creativity, there is value in sharing it. And it need not be selfing. On the contrary, it honors our work and ourselves. When we share our work, we recognize its value, and, in doing so, the value of all work, of all creative effort. When we share, we tell others, “Yes, you are allowed to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”

We learn by watching. We are inspired by the product of other people’s inspiration. One fire will always light another.

And this is not for finished, perfect projects either. There is value in sharing was is not yet complete, or even what is not yet started. Because that’s where cooperation, co-creation, and collaboration start, and that is very much what we’re about. There is power in vulnerability, and Creative Vulnerability within a supportive community leads to more creativity. New projects, new collaborations. When we showcase our skills, we will attract those who can work with us. We have seen it happen time and again.

We want to create a space that applauds the accomplishments of our community, to showcase the variety of creative efforts, not only in different media but within each medium itself. It is not just about books or articles or art or products, but your books, your articles, their products, our art.

And sharing, we know, is not the end of the cycle, but the beginning of the next one. Where we reflect on the project, learn from what the process has taught, and plan our next pursuits.

One fire lights another. And another. And another.

Your fire lights mine. Our fire will light countless more.

So, what do you have to share with us?

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