Image credit: Death to Stock

Image credit: Death to Stock

Here goes nothing.

This is the heart of creativity. Where the rubber meets the road. The pen meets the paper. The brush the canvas. When we take all we’ve learned and combine it with all we are and see what chemical reaction comes from it.

There’s learning, there’s reflecting, and then there’s doing. For all our great ideas, nothing will ever come of this until we do something about it. Unit we decide we’ve planned enough, outlined enough, and it’s time to make things happen. Or, just as likely, we know that there’s no time like the present and dive in head first.

And just like every other step, this is unique to who we are. Weekly goals, daily habits. Weekend warriors, die-hard freelancers. Those who find the time, those who make the time. How we pursue our creativity is a personal process, one we are always crafting and honing.

And just like every other step, we know we can learn so much by just watching people do it. Swapping stories of our own, knee-deep-in-the-dirt experiences. Writing the novels, doing the client work, creating in every mode, genre, and flavor. When you hit the wall, and how you tore it down. Because we know these difficulties are not unique to our situation, and there is strength in a community dedicated to recognizing this. And in lifting each other up right in the middle of it. To cheer each other on in the highs, lows, and messy middles. To find strength, support, and wisdom to persevere when we face challenges.

To better understand the process as we are going through it and, in doing so, recognize the value of the pursuit itself regardless of outcome.

So, we want to know what it looks like, beyond and beneath the glitz. When it’s hard and when it’s boring. How to choose, each and every day, to put our minds to it, even when we’re not sure.

How do you pursue creativity?

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