#createlounge Leadership Changes and What's to Come

Written By founder, Kayla HOllatz

Photo courtesy of #createlounge photographer,  Nadeena

Photo courtesy of #createlounge photographer, Nadeena

I've written and rewritten this letter to you over and over again in my head. As it finds it's way onto the page, I still am unsure of how it'll piece itself together.

I'll let the truth of these past few months spill out...

As many of you know, my solo-run business started in December 2015 after a year of hosting #createlounge, a Twitter chat turned full-blown community. It gave me the courage and support I needed to take the biggest leap of my life out of my agency job and into the wild world of entrepreneurship.

#createlounge connected me with my first clients, my first mastermind partners, my first product sales... in short, it's been the catalyst of everything I do online.

To my surprise, right before I launched the #createlounge contributor blog, God told me to let go of #createlounge, of this massively beautiful thing I dedicated 3+ years of my life to.

*blankly stares into the abyss* <-- appropriate reaction

Naturally, the first question I asked was, "Why?"

This answer has many layers, some of which I'm still uncovering, but there's one thing I know for sure:

I'm being called elsewhere for a reason, to build communities in a whole new way.

But how do you move away from something that gave you so much in order to pursue a fuzzy vision of what you feel called to do?

I'm still trying to figure that out. Here's what I do know:

  • I'm taking the spirit of #createlounge, our mission to create passion projects with soul, to guide what I feel called to do now (I'll share updates as they come, I promise).
  • I'm putting more of an emphasis on building my local community, on settling in and planting real roots into Minneapolis.
  • I'm replacing blind hustle with intentional business growth in a way that feels good regardless of how it looks.

So what happens to #createlounge?

I'm thrilled to share that Douglas Humphries, my creative partner on all things #createlounge for the past year, will be stepping up to lead this community.

Douglas has been called to do BIG things through this strong collective of creatives, and I can't wait to see him flourish in this new chapter.

I'm excited to still jump into chats (but to participate as a member now - woo!) and write for #createlounge. Please do be patient with us as we fully transition next month. We'll have more info soon on what's to come.

Closing thoughts and BIG thank you!

I'm forever grateful for #createlounge as it brought so many of you into my online community of friends. I'm thrilled that #createlounge will still live on through the bold leadership of Douglas and that I'll have a chance to truly be a community member as we continue to grow.

Thank you for your understanding and sweet words of encouragement in the past months. You may not have known it but it's helped greatly in this decision.

Tune in next week for more info from Douglas on what's to come!