Image credit: Death To Stock

Image credit: Death To Stock

What does creativity look like?

The question we usually ask once we have a good idea is “How?” How do I actually bring this to life? So many people with so many ideas never pursue them simply because they aren’t sure how to answer that question.

How do we learn to create?

Foundationally, #CreateLounge believes that everyone can create, that we don’t need permission or a certain skill level to pursue our creative efforts. That being said, it never hurts to see it in action.

We believe the easiest way to learn to create, now only how to start but how to keep going, is to watch others do it, to see what it actually looks like, in the Arena as it were. Because nothing is as inspiration to our own pursuits as seeing someone else wholeheartedly, courageously, and intentionally pursuing their own.

We want to see our community create. Not only but how. What does it look like to go from idea to reality? And, yes, we want all the messy steps in-between. Because we know creativity is a process, one that has the potential to test everything about us, and we also know that learning about each other’s creative processes will help learn about each other, to grow and strengthen as a community.

No one’s creativity will ever look exactly like someone else’s. There are no cookie cutters to this. So we know that copying will ultimately not take us anywhere we want to go. We are not here to say, “Do it my way,” but instead, “Being true to yourself works. Here’s the proof.”

So, we want to hear the stories of others in pursuit of their creative passions. And, in doing so, be inspired to pursue our own. To learn what it actually means to get “down and dirty” with the creative process. The highs and the lows. The easy and the hard. All the while, dreaming, plotting, and prepare for our own creative pursuits.

So, what does creativity look like for you? What have you learned from being “in the Arena”? How do you pursue creativity daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? What are the challenges, expected and unexpected?

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