11 Micro-Adventures for Busy Creative Professionals

Written By Founder Kayla Hollatz

Looking for more adventure in your life? No need to quit your job to travel! Here's 11 micro-adventures for your everyday life on #createlounge by Kayla Hollatz.

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing someone who makes their living by traveling full-time, taking beautiful photos of even more beautiful scenery, and sharing their travel stories through well-crafted photo captions. #dreamlife 

While that sounds like heaven, what about the people like us who have 9-5 jobs or run businesses who want to put a little extra adventure in our lives? Luckily, it’s possible to do so without breaking the bank or completely uprooting your life. 

Introducing micro-adventures, small explorations that can last anywhere from an afternoon to a long weekend. You’ll never know what you can find in your own backyard until you go out and seek it. 

Here are a few ideas we’ve brainstormed to help you seize more opportunities and explore your curiosity locally:

Go to a live sports game

Anyone else love being a bum all day on Sundays while you watch football games? Instead of watching the action on television, go see the game in action. High school and college games are great for cheaper options. 


Attend an art or street festival

These are my favorite events to attend in the spring and summer. As a full-time business owner myself, I’m always so fascinated to meet other creatives who are producing great work and hear more of their stories. I fiercely support the arts and small businesses so these festivals are a real treat. If there aren’t many festivals in your town, try going to an art gallery. 


Visit a non-chain restaurant in the city

I love fast food french fries just as much as the next person but it’s nice to venture out every now and again. It’s also a great way to support local businesses by eating at ma and pop restaurants. They always seem to have the best food and serve it with the brightest smile!


Take a trip to the library

Do you remember how it felt as a kid when you brought a stack of books taller than you were to the library book checkout? I make it a point to go to the library at least twice a month. I know sites like Amazon make it so easy for us to buy an assortment of books to read but there’s just something about being surrounded by books in a large library or carefully thumbing through titles in a cozy library. Each book is a micro-adventure in itself too. 


Take a guided tour at one of your city’s landmarks

When I visited Atlanta last October, my friends and I went to the Oakland Cemetery before dining at a fun restaurant downtown. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first since spooky things and I don’t mix, but it was interesting to learn more about the history of the people who had been buried there (still weird to say) and hearing about old traditions we still have today. Not to mention the tombstones were so ornate and beautifully carved. 


Attend a paint and sip class

While I am an atrocious painter, it’s always fun to rally your girlfriends together for a girl’s night out. Painting on its own is great, but painting while drinking wine? Now that’s a party!


Travel on bike

By traveling on bike, you can see more than if you only traveled on foot. Try exploring a new neighborhood in your city and stop at any local shops along the way. Everyone loves a good pitstop. 


Have a picnic in the park

There’s nothing I love more than spreading a large blanket on the ground and bringing a basket of goodies to enjoy in the summer sun. Explore a new park you’ve been meaning to visit and ask a friend or your partner to join you for a picnic. It’s usually much better scenery than on your couch or the kitchen table. 


Go sledding (and have hot chocolate afterward)

Many of my micro-adventures have been summer related thus far but in places like Minnesota, we have to learn how to enjoy winter too. While snowboarding and skiings are fun, sledding is a cheap and carefree option. You’re sure to feel like a kid again, especially when you finish the day with mini-marshmallows in your hot chocolate.  


Attend a cooking class

It’s too easy to go down the grocery aisles and choose microwaveable meals or frozen food you can pop in the oven. Sometimes you just want to remind yourself that you know how to cook a great meal from scratch for yourself. #adulting


Try learning a new skill

This micro-adventure could uncover a talent you never knew was there! Whether you’ve been itching to try skateboarding, scuba diving, rock-climbing, or a new instrument, today is the perfect day to start. Some of the coolest things I was originally reluctant to try that later turned out to be really fun include wakeboarding, podcasting, and even pole fitness! Who knew?


Kayla Hollatz for #createlounge

Kayla Hollatz, Founder of #createlounge

Kayla Hollatz is a copywriter and social media strategist by trade and a community builder, poet, and storyteller by heart. She founded #createlounge, the first ever Twitter chat for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs, and has grown it into an online movement. She can frequently be found fighting Minnesota winters with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. 

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