A New Style of Goal-Setting to Try

written by #createlounge contributor, Amanda Folk

Goal Setting for Creative Business Owners and Professionals from Amanda Folk for #createlounge

I have a hunch that lots of the #createlounge community adores goal setting. Am I right?

If your hand just shot in the air, this post is a must-read for you! I love goal setting any time of year, but I get particularly excited about goal setting for the new year. Something about flipping a new page fills me with excitement and motivation. Heck, I’ve got a ginormous smile plastered on my face as I type this.

Usually my goals and resolutions are pretty haphazardly picked, but this year after much searching I stumbled upon a method I’m particularly jazzed about. And it features one of our Create Lounge favorites: Danielle Laporte! This activity has my favorite blend of goal setting, reflection, and vision board creating.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A big ol’ piece of posterboard or a couple of pieces of paper
  • Colorful markers or pens
  • Anything you’ve recorded memories in for the previous year. There are so many options here: journals, sketchbooks, planners, Google calendars, blog posts, camera memory cards, etc. etc. Get creative and collect all of ‘em!

Once you’ve got your stuff, let’s get to it!

Split your poster board into two halves. In my example, I labeled my top half “2016” and my bottom half “2017."
Create headings based off of Danielle Laporte’s five areas of life (described in The Desire Map). Personally I like color-coding my sections, especially because my planner is color-coded too. But you do whatever makes you happy! Let these headings mean whatever you need or want them to mean. 

  • Livelihood & Lifestyle
  • Body & Wellness
  • Creativity & Learning
  • Relationships & Society
  • Essence & Spirituality

Review time! Go through your recorded memories and just write everything down in whatever category feels right to you. You can also paste pictures in those columns, doodle some memories, or create in any other way.
This is super important so it deserves it’s own number - REFLECT on your past before you proceed to your future. Here are some reflection ideas I used:

  • What did you accomplish? Give yourself multiple high fives.
  • What did you keep putting on your to-do lists, but never quite complete? Take note and see if it’s something you want to work towards in your future.
  • What puts a huge, sparkling smile on your face? What makes you feel proud? What makes you feel peaceful? Make room for more of these things in your future!
  • Conversely, what frustrates you or did you spend too much worry on? Don’t dwell, but take note of this and get ready to move on to the next step.

Set those goals. Dream as big as you want! I like a mix of big dreams and realistic steps. Write them, paint them, draw them, go crazy!

As a bonus, if you like to have a “word” for the coming year, this is a super quick summary you can check for inspiration. If you see the same verb appearing, you might want to go for it.

Just like that, things you’d like to accomplish might shift a bit more into focus! This is something super easy to post above your workspace or tuck into a folder to refer to throughout the next year.  

If you give this a try and want to share, let us know on social media. Hashtag #createlounge and be sure to tag me (@SunshineChasing on Twitter and Instagram) and @createloungeHQ so we can tell you how AWESOME you are and hold you accountable. 

Happy goal setting!

Amanda Folk for #createlounge

Amanda Folk

Amanda Folk is an exercise physiologist by day and bucket list enabler all the time. She finds her creative inspiration through travel and the outdoors, but is “creative curious“ - She doesn’t have a preferred medium and tries just about anything! Fun fact: she can only wink with her right eye…but that doesn’t stop her from making some seriously funny faces trying otherwise!