#CreateLounge - The Next Phase

Image credit:  DeathtoStock

Image credit: DeathtoStock

It’s been a while since this site saw a new post.

For those of you who may be new to the CreateLounge community, some months ago our founder, Kayla Hollatz, took a step back and handed the reins over to me. It’s hard to believe it’s been about 4 months since that transition. It seems too long and too short a time. 

When last we spoke I mentioned that what had always been a part of this community, the Twitter chat, was not going anywhere, but I was considering carefully what next step our community should take beyond that, especially where this site was concerned.

You might have been wondering what that next step really was.

The blog was, and still is, a natural extension of our CreateLounge community, a place for creatives to share their stories, to learn from, encourage, and be encouraged by those stories. From the beginning, it was something I wanted to continue. The question remained, only, how best to do it?

Even before the transition, Kayla and I were discussing the best course for this blog. We enjoyed the content our contributors were bringing as much as we enjoyed simply having an outlet for our community to contribute to, but, as we’ve learned in countless chats, we should never be afraid to move from good to great, and both Kayla and I felt there was something more this blog could be doing. Something that was better in line with the spirit and purpose of CreateLounge.

CreateLounge exists to teach, inspire, share, and ultimately foster creativity in ourselves and others. Whether it’s through learning about new and different forms of creativity, diving into the depths of those creative processes that we know but are continuing to master, or simply being a place for people to connect with other creatives, we are here to build up the creative process in all its forms. 

It’s the creative process itself that is really our calling.

CreateLounge started as a Twitter chat and will continue to provide a place to meet regularly and learn, connect, and encourage each other in our creative efforts. But creativity isn’t a one-day-a-week thing, and neither are we. 

It was for that reason that Kayla first started expanding into other content, from the podcast to Instagram to the book club and finally this blog, a place to learn and share outside the weekly chat, a way to expand on concepts we couldn’t discuss otherwise. It was with this idea in mind that we started the blog and selected the categories we thought best fit the needs of the community. 

But creativity is a process, and part of that process is trying something and realizing it’s not exactly what is needed. The contributor blog, and its content, was good, but there was something more the community needed from it. It needed to become something more. CreateLounge is all about the creative process, and the blog needs to be about that, too. 

That’s why I am very excited to announce CreateLounge Blog 2.0!

In our first contributor blog, we focused on general categories having to do with the creative lifestyle, business, personal development, community, and faith. In place of those, we are going to have 4 new categories:


  • to come to terms with our creativity which means coming to terms with ourselves.
  • to recognize, process, and remove barriers, internal and external, to fulfilling our truest creative desires
  • to celebrate creativity and the shared creative soul of all persons
  • to celebrate the spectrum of diversity and uniqueness of our creative experiences


  • to expand our creative horizons
  • to understand the creative process by hearing stories of others in pursuit of their creativity
  • to be inspired to pursue new creative efforts
  • to dream, plan, and prepare for our own creative pursuits


  • to overcome our own doubts, difficulties, and inertia in order to work out our creativity
  • to find strength and support to persevere when we face challenges
  • to better understand the process as we are going through it
  • to recognize the value of the process itself regardless of outcome


  • to applaud the creative accomplishments of our community
  • to showcase the variety of creative efforts, not only through different media but within each medium itself
  • to encourage cooperation, collaboration, and creative vulnerability within our community
  • to inspire other to pursue their own creative desires thus beginning the cycle again

These categories are not only steps in the creative process but serve as a framework to understand what creativity is, each of them a starting point for anyone interested in creativity, whether they have no idea where to start or are looking for where to go from here.

The vision is that CreateLounge.com 2.0 will be a place to discuss every step of the creative process, from wide-eyed beginning to messy middle to triumphant finish to beginning again. A place to be real and vulnerable about the process, the hard parts we might not like to talk about as well as the incomparable beauty we often find through it. Whether expert or first-timer, published professional or dedicated side-hustler, creativity is for everyone and so is this place.

But we can’t do it alone.

CreateLounge has always triumphed from a multitude of voices, perspectives, personality types, and experience levels. Namely, all of you. You are our strength and we wouldn’t/shouldn’t/couldn’t go forward without you.

This is a contributor blog, and, for it to work, we need contributors!

I’m hoping, in this next month, to better define and expand on each of these topics, but I have no intention of doing this alone. If you are interested in submitting or even have a post you’d like to submit, please contact us. We’re looking for post in any of the 4 categories above, whether it’s reflecting on the creative process in general, describing a part of your own process, advice on how others can improve theirs, or even just sharing the final product of your hard work, we’d love for you be a part of this.

CreateLoune is a community. So whatever step we take next, we take together.

Come with us!