Prioritizing Your Faith Journey

written by miranda hassen

Prioritizing My Faith Journey by Miranda Hassan for #createlounge


It can be difficult to focus on your faith when you are prioritizing tasks for your business, your social life, and self-care. There may be times in your life that you might lose interest in your faith. And that’s okay. Sometimes, something different needs to happen in your life to refuel your motivation to pick up a Bible and read it. 

It’s no secret that millennials are the generation least likely to be religious and for good reason. We have grown up in an environment that has allowed us to access everything instantaneously. Learning about Christianity and choosing to follow Christ is anything but instantaneous. 

With that being said, I have worked on my faith off and on for at least three years now. It took a little push to accept an invitation to go to a new church to see Christianity from a different viewpoint. Since then, I’ve learned that studying the Christian faith has quenched my thirst for knowledge in ways I had no idea were possible. In order to help you grow in your faith journey, I’m sharing what he helped transform my spiritual journey. 

I looked at the Bible through a different perspective 

I’m a visual learner. I also enjoy human history. Combining both of those aspects into Bible study has made it more interesting and fulfilling to get to know what Jesus was all about. Sometimes I think people unfamiliar with Him forget that He was a Man that lived on earth, just like the rest of us. I enjoy learning about world history in the Middle East and beyond as well as Jewish traditions. 

Read the Bible from different translations and pick the ones that are easier to read. My personal favorite is the New Living Translation, and I would also recommend the New International Version. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what you’re reading when you’re unfamiliar with the language. Luckily, there’s dozens of translations to choose from!

I joined a life-group

A few months ago, I joined a women’s life group through the local church I attend. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to make new friends who are the same age as me and have similar interests. It’s also helped motivate me to stick to a plan to learn more about Christianity and its core values. 

We meet once a week for two-three hours. Having a set day and time each week gives me a chance to plan my other tasks and social outings around my life-group. 

It’s also been a confidence booster for my emotions. Getting to know fellow women that are interested in my life, my goals, and joining me in prayer has helped me become a happier person, and a more humble follower of Jesus. It’s true what they say: surround yourself with people who will build you up and not tear you down. 

I keep a journal reflecting on my study sessions

If you’re a blogger or online creative, chances are you really enjoy writing! Keeping a journal on your faith journey will help you see how far you’ve come since you first started. I like to keep a list of Bible verses that really inspired me. It’s a good idea to keep them in a safe place to reference when you need them. 

I really enjoy writing down my thoughts as I study Scripture. It’s interesting to see what I was thinking at the time that I was reading a new verse that was unfamiliar to me. I like to ask a lot of questions, and I will try to find the answers later on. A great website I reference frequently is 

I made my faith journey a habit

At the end of the day, making an activity a priority in your life is only going to happen if you include it in a habitual schedule. Do what you think will work best for you. Set an alert on your phone to remind you. Add it in your planner. Pick a time of day that will allow you to focus. 

There are various ways to grow in your faith. You don’t have to necessarily focus on the Bible all the time. It’s okay to focus on prayer, family, and community. There will be days when you are completely booked. On those days, just take 5 minutes to reflect and say a prayer to yourself. On other occasions, spend time with your family and have a biblical discussion. Or get involved with a church, and help your local community somehow. 

Miranda Hassen for #createlounge

Miranda Hassen

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