Image credit: Death to Stock

Image credit: Death to Stock

What is creativity?

This is one of the foundational questions for the #CreateLounge community, something we try to answer every week in our chats. We’ve found that, before we begin to create, we often must ask, "Why is it we want to create at all?” And while not a prerequisite, it is an important introductory step to the creative process. And, we’ve found that exploring what it means to create, can be a creative act in itself.

The goal of #CreateLounge Blog 2.0 is to foster creativity in our community and beyond, and that starts by better understanding the nature of creativity itself. Part of that includes asking questions of our own chosen creative process and the process in general. Because whatever medium we are operating in, there are concepts that tie all creative action together. And, we believe, in exploring a better understanding of these questions, we will not only enrich our own creativity, but give rise to creative pursuits in our community.

While it doesn’t have to the be the first step, plenty of people probably create just fine without asking the bigger questions about the nature of creativity, we believe that Reflection is a step that can benefit our creative efforts. Because when we come to terms with our creativity, we come to terms with ourselves.

We believe that creativity is a hallmark of humanity, something everyone has access to within themselves. To exist is to be creative, therefore to be creative, with intention, is to exist, and maybe in a way you haven’t before.

At the same time, when we ask the bigger questions, we take the first step in tearing down the barriers to our creativity. Internal and external. And thus open doors to fulfilling our creative potential.

And, last but certainly not least, when we reflect on the nature of creative we learn to better appreciate it in ourselves and each other. To embrace the shared creative soul of all people and to celebrate the full spectrum of creative experiences.

So, what does creativity mean to you? What is your creative process? Why do we feel the need to create? What does creativity do for us? For those around us? For the world?

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