You heard right, we're looking for a #createlounge  intern! 


With the #createlounge community expanding into a contributor-driven blog and new social media platforms in this new season, we’re excited to announce we will be taking on an intern next semester!

I (Kayla Hollatz, the founder of #createlounge) am looking for a passionate, high-spirited creative professional in-the-making who is skilled in the art of visual storytelling and ready to contribute to #createlounge and its community-driven mission. 

If creating a perfectly styled Instagram feed, managing a growing team of creative contributors, and networking with a community of thousands of talented creatives sounds like a perfect way to spend your winter semester, we want to hear from you! So let’s start with the perks. 


The perks of this internship include: 

  • Optional college credit. While this will be an unpaid internship, I’m more than happy to work with your university so you can receive college credit for the work you’ll complete during this internship. 
  • Very flexible schedule. I once had two internships while working full-time, going to school full-time, and running my blog. If anyone knows the importance of having a flexible schedule, it’s me! I’m happy to fit all tasks within your schedule as long as our agreed upon deadlines are met.
  • Monthly mentorship meetings. Mentorship is one of my core values so it’s important to me to be available for any of your questions on professional or personal development. 
  • Opportunity to publish your work on our website. I’m passionate about supporting your own professional growth so if that looks like publishing some of your photographs, handlettering, art, graphics, or blog posts, I’m all ears! Above all, I want you to feel like a valued contributing member of the #createlounge team. 
  • Built-in network of creative professionals. Because #createlounge is a community, it’s a great platform for you to make connections with others in your field and start networking before you graduate. All of my internships and post-grad job opportunities before I went full-time with my own business came from social media and community connections and the same can happen for you. 


Tasks you can expect in this internship include: 

  • Creating original content for our #createlounge Instagram feed
  • Curating user-generated Instagram content through the #createlounge hashtag
  • Writing and scheduling tweets for our #createlounge Twitter account
  • Managing the editorial calendar of the #createlounge blog
  • Creating blog graphics and photos for the #createlounge blog
  • Managing the written and photography submissions on the #createlounge blog
  • Pitching potential #createlounge writing and photography partnerships and contributors
  • Other day-to-day projects regarding design, photography, social media, and scheduling


This internship is right for you if:

  • You have a fierce eye for all things design and photography. 
  • You’re organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent time management skills.
  • You’re willing to jump into projects wherever you can assist.
  • You’re already creating your own passion projects and tapping into your creativity. 
  • You’re able to commit to the internship for a minimum of 3 months.


These are not required, but you’ll get bonus points if:

  • You’re already curating your own social media accounts with original designs or photography.
  • You run your own blog OR have created your own online portfolio.
  • You already know how to use the following tools: Squarespace, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. 
  • You’ve already joined #createlounge through our Twitter chat, podcast, book club, or elsewhere.
  • You’re located in the Twin Cities / Minnesota area.

Still interested? Here's how to apply:

Please include:

  • A personalized cover letter explaining:
    • Why you think you’re a great fit for the internship (include any strengths, skills, personal details, or projects that are applicable)
    • Why you’d like to intern specifically for #createlounge
    • How you heard about this internship
    • Any links to relevant social media accounts, portfolios, or websites (we believe in quality over follower counts, don’t worry!)
  • A simple resume explaining your background thus far (no references required)
  • Optional but will strengthen your application: 3-5 samples of your strongest designs or photography
  • How long you can commit to the internship for
  • Your availability and soonest possible start date



Next steps:

Please email all of the above directly to with the subject line of '#createlounge Intern'. I’ll be in touch about setting up a time to chat over a video call after reviewing all of the submissions. Think of it less as an interview and more as a way for us to get to know each other and see if we’re both a right fit for each other. 


We hope to have you as a part of our growing #createlounge team!