Book Club: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up for September 2016

Join Douglas Humphries and Kayla Hollatz to chat about our September #createlounge book club choice, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. In this episode, we talk about the physical and mental decluttering, being aware of our relationships with things, and creating your ideal creative environment. 



  • our initial thoughts of the book and expectations
  • how the book covers more than just the act of decluttering
  • how we can learn to discard things in a healthy way
  • the things we find that are easy to get rid of and things that are harder
  • why Douglas has an emotional tie to books and Kayla has an emotional tie to clothes
  • the powerful question of this book, "Does this spark joy?", and how it relates to physical and mental decluttering 
  • the things that Douglas and Kayla like to surround themselves with
  • what we are choosing for next month's book club choice




  • D: "Having books on the shelf meant something to me." 
  • K: "Keeping things around me I'm no longer passionate about can be dangerous to my creativity."
  • K: "I want to have things around me that make me feel good with who I am now."
  • D: "When we can't let things go, it's because we're holding on to the past or to the future." 
  • D: "When we get rid of the stuff we don't need, we appreciate the stuff we have." 
  • D: "We need to be aware of our relationship with our things."
  • K: "We outgrow things in life and it's okay." 
  • D: "That path that we need to take is the one we're currently on." 
  • D: "Once you start asking the right questions, things change." 




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