Book Club: The Desire Map for August 2016

Join Douglas Humphries and Kayla Hollatz to chat about our August #createlounge book club choice, The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. In this episode, we talk about the evolution of the book club, setting goals with soul, and choosing your core desired feelings.



  • an inside look into Douglas’s new published book, Fire in My Bones
  • how the book club has evolved and why we’re bringing it to the podcast
  • why we chose to start the book club with the authors we consider the ‘holy trinity of creative living’
  • why we need to overcome other people’s expectations to understand what we desire
  • how to set goals with soul and how this exercise is different from other goal setting techniques
  • what core desired feelings are as defined by The Desire Map
  • what core desired feelings Douglas and Kayla have chosen for 2016
  • our process for finding our core desired feelings
  • how to put your core desired feelings into action with action steps




  • D: “Get away from expectation and get into what we really want and why we want it.” (Tweet it!) 
  • D: “Why don’t we pursue what we feel and whether or not we achieve that, we’ll still get what we’re going for?” (Tweet it!)
  • K: “Someone’s criticism is more of a reflection of them then it is of you.” (Tweet it!) 
  • D: “If you operate inside out, then that is going to bleed out into your surroundings.” (Tweet it!) 
  • K: “I need to know where I feel most centered.” (Tweet it!)
  • K: “Think about what your personality is, how you want to feel, and be super unapologetic about it.” (Tweet it!)
  • D: “Approach your desires with confidence.” (Tweet it!) 
  • D: “Understanding who we are at our center is not selfish. It’s vital.” (Tweet it!) 
  • K: “No choice you make is ever a life sentence.” (Tweet it!) 




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