Self-Care for Creatives with Catherine Beard | Ep10

We know how much you care for your clients, readers, and loved ones, but how often are you taking care of yourself?  In this episode, we talk with Catherine Beard about how to prioritize me time, the art of side-hustling, and our favorite forms of self-care.



  • the different forms of writing she has experimented with and why she loves blogging
  • why she is pursuing higher education in order to become a health and wellness coach
  • where she sees her popular blog moving in the next few years
  • why she focuses on mindfulness and what the word means
  • why self-care is more than just taking a bath or going to the spa
  • what both of our self-care routines look like and how to build your own
  • how creatives can learn to take better care of themselves
  • her Self-Care Power Hour method and how it can help you too
  • how self-care can also include a social aspect
  • how to schedule in “me” time into your everyday life




  • “I always try to talk about my story and put my personal experience in.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Blogging gave me the confidence that I could help people.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Mindfulness is being aware of where you are in the moment without judgment.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Self-care is about doing something for you to enhance your wellbeing.” (Tweet it!) 
  • On self-care: “It’s really about finding what works for you.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “It’s hard to prioritize something doing something that is downtime.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Self-care can be about stimulating your mind or relaxing your mind.” (Tweet it!) 
  • On self-care: “Brainstorm activities that make you excited to get up in the morning.” (Tweet it!) 




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Catherine Beard on the #createlounge podcast