Blending Your Career and Lifestyle with Rachel Ritlop | Ep14

How can we achieve the perfect work-life balance? In this episode, we talk with Rachel Ritlop about starting your own business, understanding how millennials think, and redefining success.



  • how her background in psychology has helped her grow as a blogger and career coach
  • how being terminated from two jobs after college led her to start her own business
  • the difference between therapy and coaching as well as the similarities
  • how she’s grown her Confused Millennial blog while growing her coaching business
  • why she’s passionate about the millennial workforce
  • why selfies can be an important part of your personal brand
  • how she used to define success and how she defines it now
  • how to create a vision statement of your own and what hers is
  • why she likes to work in 90-day increments while being multi-passionate
  • what her ideal lifestyle looks like and how to find your sweet spot




  • “My child self was more intuitive and brave in what she wanted to do with her life.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Millennials are now the largest working generation.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Growing up in this digital age, we don’t know boundaries and limits like past generations.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Flexibility and freedom is something we all crave.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Let go of the should’s to be who you’re meant to be.” (Tweet it!)  
  • “Go back to what made you happy as a kid.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Build self-care time into your schedule.” (Tweet it!) 




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