Goal Setting for Creatives with Indigo Colton | Ep15

How can we set AND stick to our goals? In this episode, we talk with Indigo Colton about balancing multiple projects, setting boundaries, and the importance of accountability. 



  • how her work as a virtual assistant has helped her create better business systems
  • how to set your own client and work boundaries
  • what a business system is and how it can help your work-life balance
  • how to use a project management tool to help you organize your daily tasks
  • the essentials of good team communication
  • why she likes to set one big goal a month
  • her amazing process for breaking your bigger goals into daily action steps
  • why you should make room for reflection in your goal setting process
  • what Indigo and I have learned by being accountability partners
  • how to build a healthy support system to help you stick with your goals




  • “Setting all the expectations up front is really helpful in client management.” (Tweet it!)
  • “There’s no one-size-fits-all system for your business. It all depends on you.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Having everything documented and in place will save you hundreds of hours later.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Think about the big thing you want to do and then get more and more specific.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Is this really aligned with what I want or am I doing it because everyone else is?” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Break down your goal as much as possible.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Take that time to do a gut check. I can’t stress it enough.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Find your people and put on your blinders.” (Tweet it!) 




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