Taking Leaps of Faith with Adam Maynard | Ep17

What gives you the confidence to fully leap into your purpose? In this episode, we talk with Adam Maynard about shedding the “supposed to's” in life, soul alignment, and transitioning gracefully. 


  • why he made the transition from urban planner to a full-time life coach
  • the indicators that helped him realize he needed to make a career change
  • the three big pieces of his story that led to his career change
  • how he went from living his life on autopilot to living a fulfilled life
  • how he’s chosen his own path over what’s deemed traditional
  • why spirituality has helped him find his fundamental truths
  • the biggest “supposed to’s” he is battling with
  • the sacrifices we both had had to make in order to take our leaps
  • how he takes leaps as a recovering perfectionist
  • how you can take your own leap of faith




  • “I just had this feeling that I should wait.” 
  • “I let my wellbeing suffer in service of the goals at my job.” 
  • “By the time you leap, you do a lot of the inner work already.”
  • “Living a life on autopilot is still making a choice.” 
  • “There’s a real aversion to messiness and uncertainty in careers.”
  • “Give yourself that gift of time to try your idea.”  
  • “What makes me brave is knowing I’m not perfect and that’s okay.” 
  • “Leaps of faith are a process and the process starts with you.”


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