Health for Creative Entrepreneurs with Amy Kuretsky | Ep18

How does our health fuel our hustle? In this episode, we talk with Amy Kuretsky about nourishing our wellbeing, beating burnout, and the difference between healthcare and self-care.



  • how she went from a local acupuncture business to an online health coaching business
  • how she fights burnout as a full-time business owner
  • how her Chron’s disease diagnosis changed her life and health habits
  • the importance of listening to your body as an entrepreneur
  • why batch scheduling has helped her balance her coaching, courses, and acupuncture clients
  • the difference between healthcare and self-care and why both are crucial
  • a behind-the-scenes look at her experiment with morning routines
  • how she and I have structured our nightly routines for better health
  • the most common things entrepreneurs struggle with in regards to their health and what to do about it
  • the best ways to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur 




  • “There’s this romanticism of the hustle and it leads to burnout.” 
  • “The best way I fuel my hustle is being in tune with what my body needs.” 
  • “We all need to listen to our own intuition and what’s best for us.” 
  • “Your health should fuel your hustle.” 
  • “Just because you can work from everywhere doesn’t you mean you always should.” 
  • “Release what’s no longer serving you.”
  • “If you don’t have the mindset first, it’s like building a house without a foundation.”




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