Side Hustling with Amber Burns | Ep19

What if you want your side hustle to stay a side hustle? In this episode, we talk with Amber Burns about the elements of a high quality blog, creating your own routine, and the benefits of running a hobby blog.



  • her background in public relations and how it led her to starting a blog in college
  • how her blog has helped her get post-grad job opportunities
  • the different hats you have to wear as a side hustler and blogger
  • the elements of a great blog design and when she decided to hire a designer instead of DIY
  • her personal reasons for keeping her blog as a side hustle
  • the little-known benefits of keeping your brand as a side hustle
  • how to be consistent with your content creation while having a day job
  • how she’s found her best lifestyle blend through rethinking her routine
  • the small changes she’s made to better her sleep, diet, and more
  • designing your own creative environment to work for you




  • “Blogging has changed so much. You have to wear so many hats.” 
  • “Your blog can serve as your portfolio.”
  • “Point people to the areas that you have set your goals in.”
  • “What your design is going to do is more important than what it’s going to look like.” 
  • “By keeping the blog as a side thing, it enhances the amount of options I have.”
  • “No one is doing it all. We’re all doing the best that we can." 
  • “Finding your perfect balance is about trying different things.”
  • “The problem with constantly being in work mode is everything becomes work.”




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