Personal Branding with Maya Elious | Ep20

How can we build a powerful and profitable personal brand? In this episode, we talk with Maya Elious about how to discover your mission and values, balancing multiple income streams, and using your voice to spread your message.



  • how her business has evolved from a design business to a coaching business and speaker
  • how dropping out of college allowed her to start building her successful business
  • why she attributes her brand growth to breaking down her goals into seasons
  • how she defines personal branding and why it’s important for your business
  • the difference between story and messaging and why both are important
  • the crucial elements of a strong personal brand
  • how to start implementing your personal brand and building an audience
  • the best things she’s done to grow her own personal brand
  • the 3 components you need in order to feel more comfortable calling yourself an expert
  • how her brand has helped her land dreamy speaking gigs
  • her best tips for growing your personal brand in a natural, organic way




  • “Why would I keep pursuing something that doesn’t make me happy?” 
  • “There are different seasons in your business.” 
  • “People hire you because there’s a connection first.” 
  • “Just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s your passion.” 
  • “You need to always make a connection between your why and your story.” 
  • “Your brand is about how you can help the person that wants to learn about your expertise.”
  • “You have to put yourself out there and make yourself visible.” 
  • “We are all an expert in our own stories.”
  • “Experts are always learning… and own what they don’t know.” 




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