Building Multi-Faceted Brands with Danielle Joseph | Ep21

How can we reach multiple audiences without sacrificing our brand’s focus? In this episode, we talk with Danielle Joseph about juggling multiple brands, tools for optimizing your business systems, and the importance of being the face of your brand. 



  • her background in art, graphic, and web design
  • why she decided to become a yoga instructor and how that changed her business
  • how she balances making art with her hands and digitally on her computer
  • what her schedule looks like as a yoga instructor and branding design business
  • why she thinks it’s important to unplug in your everyday
  • how she fused her passion for web design and yoga together to create her own niche
  • when and why she decided to build two websites for her two different audiences
  • how to embrace your multi-passionate spirit without losing focus
  • the best tools with helping you to juggle multiple brand marketing channels




  • “Anytime I can play with my hands, it feeds into my inspiration and aesthetic.”
  • “To manage growing a business and serving clients… it’s about prioritization.” 
  • “I always want to make changes a smooth transition.”
  • “Just focus on a couple of things rather than spreading yourself too thin.”
  • “Without systems, I spend way too much time on things that aren’t productive.”
  • “Really tune into what your audience is saying and what their struggles are.” 




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