Get Comfortable on Camera with Trena Little | Ep23

How can we become more comfortable on camera? In this episode, we talk with Trena Little about how to create epic YouTube content, video equipment best practices, and how to infuse our personality into our videos.


  • why video marketing has so much power for online business owners
  • what is unique about live video streams and why they’re important
  • her background with video and how she got her start on YouTube
  • her process for coming up with consistent YouTube video content
  • when and why it’s important to take breaks as business owners
  • what she does behind-the-scenes before filming
  • how to find your keywords for better SEO on YouTube
  • why YouTube is like a fine wine with its long-term potential for success
  • the most important tools and equipment to get started with filming videos
  • how to get more comfortable on camera and beat your fears
  • how to showcase your real personality through video 




  • “Video can do so much for your brand and building your trust factor.”
  • “You don’t only put a voice to a name but also a face and mannerisms.” 
  • “People are more likely to trust you on video.” 
  • “If you’re not healthy, your business isn’t going to be healthy.” 
  • “Video is your own 24/7 sales team for your business.” 
  • “You can start filming videos with your phone and natural light.” 
  • “A great place to start with video is Snapchat!” 


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