Nurture Your Imagination with Nikki Floreno | Ep24

How can we nurture our childlike spirit? In this episode, we talk with Nikki Floreno about staying curious, trying new forms of art like journal comics, and the importance of play.


  • her background in sequential art and why she decided to illustrate children’s art

  • how she always knew what she wanted to do, even at a young age

  • how she found her art form of choice while in art school
  • why she started to experiment with journal comics and what came from it 
  • how a trip to Tokyo for a cartooning class started her children’s book brand and style
  • how mentorship has played a role in her art journey 
  • how she nurtures her curiosity in her everyday life 
  • why you should think “blue sky” about your creative work like Disney Imagineers



  • “Making kid’s books fits so well because I still feel like a kid. I’m a 7 year old girl at heart.”
  • “It’s hard to be vulnerable with your art.”
  • “Curiosity comes naturally to me.”
  • “To foster curiosity, unplug and try to see more. Take in more of your environment.”
  • “Once you tune into who you are, then there are questions that come with that.”
  • “There’s a child within all of us. When we get older, we bury it but that’s just sad.” 
  • “When you let your imagination run crazy, you don’t have time to think about the limitations.”
  • “After you dream, do it. If you just dream about it, you’re not helping your imagination.” 


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Kayla Hollatz