Adventurous Living with Amanda Folk | Ep25

How can we fit more adventure in our everyday life? In this episode, we talk with Amanda Folk about solo travel, the best travel destinations, and embracing our spontaneous spirit. 



  • why she started blogging more seriously while pursuing her graduate degree
  • how a study abroad trip to Rome introduced her to travel blogging
  • how she chose the title of her blog, Chasing My Sunshine
  • the best and most challenging things about being a full-time travel blogger
  • her favorite travel destinations (so far!) and key stories from each place
  • her best packing tips and what she could never travel without
  • what the word “adventure” means to her
  • how an adventure can be just a small bike ride away
  • what elements go into a well-rounded adventure 




  • “It’s so easy to get caught in the comparison trap.”
  • “A lot of the advice you hear is to write for your readers, but my blog started as a selfish, ‘write for yourself’ thing.”
  • “The hardest thing about travel blogging is shutting off.”
  • “I like having a home base while traveling to other places in the world.”
  • “What makes me fall in love with a place is how it makes me feel.”
  • “Adventure means simply getting out of your comfort zone. It’s relative to you.”
  • “I learn a lot about what I can do and want to do when I travel by myself.”




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