Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle with Aileen Xu | Ep26

How can we design our own ideal lifestyle? In this episode, we talk with Aileen Xu about intentional living, how to care for yourself, and making your life a masterpiece.


  • why she started her YouTube channel and how it’s become such a huge part of her creative journey
  • how a study abroad trip to Italy helped ignite her passion for personal development
  • her favorite personal development books for our readers
  • how she uses Instagram, Snapchat stories, and YouTube differently 
  • how she fits all of her tasks and projects into her days with batch scheduling 
  • her own definition of “minimalism” and how it applies to all areas of your life
  • why she knew she always wanted to be her own boss
  • how she defines “success” now as opposed to what it was when she was growing up
  • her best tips for designing your own ideal lifestyle 




  • “We can change ourselves if we try. It’s like building a muscle.”
  • “Once I started to post videos… I realized that all of us are going through the same thing.” 
  • “When you put your face out there, you have to be your most authentic self. There’s no filtering.” 
  • “Minimalism is being fully aware of what you have and that everything serves a purpose.”
  • “It’s really nice to visually look back at your life through photography and video.”
  • “If you don’t put yourself first, everything else you do won’t help others.”
  • “To be successful now is to be free and not tied down to anything.”


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Kayla Hollatz