Abundant Mindsets with Marlena Steiner | Ep27

How do we defeat the scarcity mindset as creative entrepreneurs? In this episode, we talk with Marlena Steiner about gratitude journaling, finding collaborations, and cultivating an abundant mindset. 



  • how she juggles being a fashion and travel photographer and a film assistant 
  • how she found her photography style from studying cinematography 
  • why she prefers shooting portraits over flat-lays
  • what goes into putting together a successful photoshoot
  • how she fights the scarcity mindset with clients while pursuing photography 
  • what an abundant mindset looks like for Marlena as a side hustler
  • why she started a gratitude journal and how it’s changed her mindset
  • the biggest changes she’s made in shifting her mindset




  • “A successful photoshoot comes down to the team.” 
  • “You can’t do it all on your own.” 
  • “There are so many photographers but everyone has something different to offer.”
  • “You have to think in an abundant mindset to be determined to get the next job.”
  • “Nothing good comes from thinking negatively.”
  • “You have to want good things for other people.”
  • “Being thankful for things that are bigger than you ground you in who you are.”
  • “Give yourself space to create stuff that’s not for sale.” 




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Kayla Hollatz