Leaning Into Yes with Sarah Von Bargen | Ep29

What would happen if you started embracing “yes” in your everyday life? In this episode, we talk with Sarah Von Bargen about being successful online without choosing a niche, creating a Yes list, and making your own rules. 



  • insight into how she has been able to blog full-time for 9 years (!!) 
  • why Sarah never felt the need to niche down with her blog
  • how to become successful while writing about multiple subjects
  • where her blog name, Yes and Yes, comes from and the story behind it
  • what a Yes list is and why it’s an integral part of her blog (and her personal development)
  • the rules she sets around her Yes list when choosing items each year
  • how she records her Yes list experiences both publicly and privately
  • why she keeps a 100 memory list after every trip (so smart!) 
  • why she recommends burlesque, one of her Yes list items, to everyone
  • how she has used her Yes list to deepen her relationships




  • “I want to go to one place and get lots of different content on it.” 
  • “Having varied content has helped me publish so consistently.” 
  • “Trying new things stretches how you perceive time.” 
  • “Trying new things adds depth and flavor to your life.” 
  • “With being online, it’s nice to keep some experiences for yourself.”
  • “Creating a Yes list has been a great way to deepen my friendships.”
  • “The more you say yes, the easier it gets.”




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Kayla Hollatz