Effective Collaborations with Hannah Lewis | Ep4

What happens when you take on a partner to bring your passion project to life? In this episode, we talk about international collaborations, finding your style, and effective communication. 



  • why she’s passionate about sharing her own creative process
  • what her illustration process actually looks like
  • why she prefers creating handcrafted art to digital art
  • how we met in an untraditional way and started our collaborative poetry collection
  • how we juggled our passion project with jobs, internships, college, and more
  • how to set fair expectations for a collaboration
  • how to task delegation should work in a collaboration
  • some of the obstacles we faced as collaborators and how we overcame them
  • how our collaboration has helped her collaborate with other artists
  • how the collaborative passion project has given us the confidence to grow within our own brands




  • “My brain tends to run off with itself when I create which is a really great thing.” (Tweet it!)
  • “There’s always going to be things that you hit that are unexpected but you have to roll with it.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “An illustration is meant to aid the reader in thinking more about what they’re reading.” (Tweet it!)
  • “It’s nice to say I’ve completed something and it’s out there.” (Tweet it!)
  • “The collaboration process has been so defining for me.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Just do it. Put yourself out there. You have to be a little bit vulnerable.” (Tweet it!)
  • “If it doesn’t work out, it just means you’ve got to move onto the next thing.” (Tweet it!)




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