Copywriting with Heart with Olive Hebert | Ep5

How can you ensure your website copy sounds just like you? In this episode, we talk with Olive Hebert about writing connective copy, common copywriting misconceptions, and a motto that will completely change the way you think about copywriting. 


  • why she likes to think of her mailing list as a place to pass notes
  • why she recommends writing your copy for your ideal client 
  • her methodology of invitation over promotion
  • how her trampoline strategy has changed the way she approaches all online marketing 
  • how to get outside of a numbers-only mindset and prioritize connections
  • how her feelings-first mentality has helped her set better goals
  • why owning a hair salon led her to pursuing copywriting full-time 
  • why we need to process our feelings before we can share our truths
  • striking a balance between using the “I” and “we” voice
  • why she’d rather write to her dream client’s desired feelings rather than their pain points




  • “I started writing notes more so as a way to say the things I couldn’t say face-to-face.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “I tend to write with a dream client in mind.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Every email is a giving email.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “I’m more concerned with making that connection first and then converting.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “We’re missing the point. Connection is the point.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Running after that desired feeling will indicate the goals. The goals will show up.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Beauty must be defined as what we already are or else the concept itself is our enemy.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “That genuine, authentic, real, sincere connection is the best publicity we’ve ever had.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Make sure the transparency is in a way that is sharing a shared truth without making it all about us.” (Tweet it!) 




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