Unleash Your Inner Roar with Holly Meyer | Ep6

How can we unleash our inner roar? In this episode, we talk with Holly Meyer about discovering your roar, sharing your message, and living out your roar by exploring your passions. 



  • why mentoring has become such an important part of her biz and life
  • how she got her start in the stationery business
  • why she recently left her day job to pursue her online business full-time
  • what her first full month of entrepreneurship has looked like
  • what professional development looks like that she’s her own boss
  • what is a “roar” and how to discover it for yourself
  • how our roar relates to our longer term vision for ourselves
  • what fears keep us from living out our roar and how to conquer them
  • what she believes is her roar and her defining life moments
  • how your support system can help you not fall prey to the comparison game




  • “I figured it was time to step away and work more on what lights me up.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Your roar is that innate passion that lives deep within your heart.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Your roar is the greatest purpose you’ve been given in your lifetime.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “I believe our roar helps us guide our life path.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Along the way I’ve learned what projects I do enjoy working on and what I don’t.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “We’re so in love with our comfort zone that we are afraid to explore anything else.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “People can unleash their roar by really processing their story.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Take a step back and see if what you’re doing really aligns with your purpose.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “When you feel that acceptance, it helps motivate you to create more.” (Tweet it!)




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