Abundance in Minimalism with Anthony Ongaro | Ep7

You hear a lot about minimalism, but what does it look like in practice and how can it help us live a more creative life? In this episode, we talk with Anthony Ongaro about intentional living, minimizing distractions, false first steps, and beyond. 



  • how to align our daily actions with our long term vision
  • what it means to live a more intentional life through minimalism
  • how conquering his Amazon Prime addiction changed his life
  • how minimalism led Anthony to pursuing entrepreneurship
  • the most valuable resource we have as creatives
  • a step-by-step remedy to help you break distracting habits
  • what a “false first step” is and how to take actual steps forward to our vision




  • “Minimalism is less of the things you shouldn’t be spending your time on and more of the things you’re really passionate about.” (Tweet it!)
  • “We are what we do everyday, no matter how small.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Minimalism is a tool in the tool-belt of intentional living.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Time is the most valuable thing we can give.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Breaking a twitch is a daily practice of slowing down and learning to pause.” (Tweet it!)
  • “It’s about designing your impulses to align with the things you want to be doing.” (Tweet it!)




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Kayla Hollatz