Building Confidence with Style with Tiffany Ima | Ep8

How can you build your authority before you even say a word? In this episode, we talk with Tiffany Ima about creating your own unique niche, building your confidence, and designing a wardrobe that looks and feels like you. 



  • her deep background in fashion and styling
  • why you should wear clothing you feel comfortable in when taking headshots
  • how her style has evolved over the years and why she sees it as a good thing
  • why style is particularly important for coaches and speakers 
  • how your style influences how you carry yourself in public
  • how to find different pieces to highlight your favorite features
  • the essentials of a closet purge
  • how to approach color theory when it comes to style
  • what her go-to, staple pieces are in her own wardrobe
  • how you can find your own style




  • “I used style as a catalyst to find myself. I just had to learn to love who was.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “When you feel confident, you don’t have that distracting you from the message that you’re trying to give.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “You want to find a style that matches you.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Style is completely personal.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Social proof is a large driver of style.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “In order to build authority, you have to show that you’re confident.” (Tweet it!)
  • “As long as you feel confident, they will trust you.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Purging your closet is always your first step.” (Tweet it!)




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