Creating Printed Products with Alisha Nicole | Ep9

Do you have a passion project brewing inside you just waiting to be brought to life? In this episode, we talk with Alisha Nicole about pursuing your heart’s work, physical products, and making time for what matters most. 



  • how she welcomed the natural evolution of her own personal brand
  • what led her to write her first book on going from blogger to business owner
  • the elements that make up an irresistible personal brand
  • what her values are and how you can find your own
  • what opportunities have come from her self-publishing her book
  • the biggest things she’s learned from writing her first book
  • the main differences between creating printed products and digital products
  • the fears she conquered while writing and how you can conquer yours too
  • how to take your time on creating an outline that works for you
  • a sneak peek at the next book she’s working on



  • “I am not one to be afraid of trying something new.” (Tweet it!)
  • “I don’t mind sharing my struggles. I’m a human being just like everyone else.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “The more you put your message out there, the better you’re going to be as a personal brand.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “You have to have some kind of position in this life. You can’t be swayed easily.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “If it doesn’t feel good, I immediately know it’s going to suck.” (Tweet it!)
  • “You wouldn’t build your house on a rocky foundation so why would you build your blog on that?” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Take advantage of the times where you’re really into writing.” (Tweet it!) 



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Alisha Nicole on the #createlounge podcast