Photos by #createlounge photographers  Emily   Whorton  +  Claire Dobson

Photos by #createlounge photographers Emily Whorton + Claire Dobson

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At #createlounge, we believe in supporting and educating the next-generation of creative professionals and business owners on the importance of building communities and satisfying their sense of belonging. We encourage others to tap into their creativity, tell their story, and find their tribe.  

Our blog features five main categories: creative lifestyle, personal development, career and business, community and belonging, and faith


Photos we gravitate toward are often:

  • bright, light, minimal, and airy 
  • on-brand natural colors in the blue and green family along with neutral shades
  • candid photos of groups of people in virtually any casual setting 
  • workspaces and offices of any kind of creative or artist
  • please see our blog for more examples


Sound like a fit for your style?

We'd love to feature your photography! Please email us directly at the following materials and pieces of information: 

  • Your full name
  • A link to your website, photography portfolio, or social media account of choice
  • A Dropbox or Google Drive link to your photo(s)

You may submit as many photos as you’d like at a time. All photos used will include proper credit with your name and a link to your website as we believe in supporting our community’s artists and being lawful too!

By submitting contributor photographs to #createlounge, you indicate acceptance of our Guest Contributor Agreement

Thank you from all of us in #createlounge team!